Welcome To Potgieter Industrial Machinery

PIM is rapidly emerging as one of the major suppliers of industrial machinery in South Africa.

Potgieter Industrial Machinery manufactures major industrial machinery for the metal industry. Alongside its manufacturing allies such as Soco, Salvagnini, BPR, Innovas and Favor Lasers.  The company has set its sights on revitalizing the metal industry. With this approach, the company distinguished itself for the excellent standard of service quality rendered to its customers.

At Potgieter Industrial Machinery we can provide you with industrial machine tools ranging from panel benders, laser cutting, press brakes and punching machines.

Potgieter Industrial Machinery | Lazer Cutting Machines

As the laser processing applied technology has been matured, it has not only been applied in the general traditional plate work cutting, for the past many years, it has also been adopted in the field of applications like communication board, display optical plate cutting, car industry, precision parts thermal processing, etc. High-power laser cutting machines are mostly import-relied equipments; because of the huge investing amount of money and high maintenance cost, it has become a key factor of consideration under an environment of low profit and strong competition when one anticipates making a good ROI. Read More …

Potgieter Industrial Machinery | CNC Machinery

In modern CNC systems, end-to-end component is a highly design automated using computer-aided design and the computer-aided manufacturing program. The program produces a computer file that is interpreted to extract the commands needed to operate a particular machine by a post processor, and then it then loads into the CNC machines for production. Read More …

Potgieter Industrial Machinery | Tube Bending Machines

Tube bending is the umbrella term for metal forming processes used to permanently form pipes or tubing. One it has to differentiate between form-bound and freeform-bending procedures, as well as between heat supported and cold forming procedures. Read More …

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